How to Write an Article Review In A Few Steps?
A comprehensive guide.
The process of summarizing and analyzing someone’s else article is known as article review. The best way to analyze is to grasp the actual idea of work and its main arguments.
Moreover, there are two stages of writing an article review.
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Let’s discuss both the stages in detail.
1. Preparation
Defining the Article Review
An article review contains a complete evaluation of the author’s ideas, arguments, and findings. It also enables an essay writer to draw conclusions with the field knowledge.
Plan Your Work
A writer should know which points of the article are important to his review in advance. It will help him to focus on those arguments. Moreover, an article outline is as follows:
  • Summary of the article
  • Mentioning the author’s strong arguments
  • Pointing out all the research gaps, contradictory ideas, and unanswered questions.
Read Thoroughly
Read the title, abstract, introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion of the article. This will provide an overall idea to the writer about the author’s work. Make notes or highlight if you do not understand any terminology or concept. It will help you understand the article completely.
2. Writing
Decide the Title
Choose an appropriate title that clearly indicates the purpose of your review. It can of descriptive, or interrogative in nature.
Citing the Article
The citation should be placed after the title in any citation style such as APA, ASA, Chicago / Turabian, MLA.
Provide General Information
Start the review by mentioning some general information about the author and journal’s name along with the year of publication.
Writing Introduction
The introduction should contain the gist of the article under review. A writer should mention the author’s thesis statement and claim in this section. Moreover, this part should cover about 10-15 percent of the review.
Giving the Article’s Overview in the Main Body
After the introduction, explain the main argument of the article or a college essay in your own words. Also, illustrate how the evidence is supporting the claim.
Writing Conclusions
There should be only one concluding paragraph in your review. Here, a writer needs to restate the main points by drawing conclusions. Similarly, suggestions can also be made to improve the article’s quality.
Following the above-mentioned steps will help you write a perfect article review.
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